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When you can’t cook, easy recipes are the only way you can avoid burning the entire kitchen down. But if you want to improve, you cannot just use easy recipes. You need recipes that will guide you on how to improve your cooking skills or instant ramen and takeout food might become the extent of culinary experience. Here are 10 easy recipes that will test your cooking abilities a little and help you expand your horizons.

1. Baked French Toast

What’s great about French toast in the morning is the aroma drifting through your house. You wake up knowing there’s breakfast ready. But when you have to make French toast yourself, it may seem difficult especially with the coating of the bread and trying not to burn the kitchen first thing in the morning. You will love this baked French toast; you can toast all the ingredients into one pan and bake. This recipe is great for learning the dynamics of French toast before using a stovetop to make it.


2. Beef Stroganoff

This beef stroganoff recipe only has five ingredients so you will be able to focus on just cooking the meat. Don’t distract yourself with all the other herbs and sauces. It is just you and ground beef and you got this! Your focus is on cooking but not drying out the meat while your pasta boils away. After your meat and pasta is cooked, just simply toss in your mushroom soup and done!

3. Tomato and Tortellini Soup

Soup are a beginner’s dream. All you need to do is cut everything and toss it in a pot and then you’re free to do do whatever you want while it simmers away. That’s basically the summary of this recipe’s instructions. Your only culinary task is to make sure your soup doesn’t accidentally burn. This is the perfect task if you want to practice remembering that you have the stovetop on while you’re running around the house. Or you could set a timer. You choose how you want to remember that you have food cooking away somewhere.

4. Crispy Baked Chicken

For a newbie, cooking with a vat of boiling oil can be daunting. Here is an alternative to fried chicken: the baked chicken. You will still get all the crispiness of the fried chicken but it is much healthier and safer. This is a recipe where you can practice organizing all your ingredients and season your meals. You just don’t need to deal with burnt fried chicken!


5. One Pot Cheesy Sausage Pasta

Here’s an important lesson: how to melt cheese without your dish becoming grainy or weird. This is a great dish to practice on while you try to avoid that unfortunate mishap. Not only is an easy meal for the weekday but you are also learning to how to not overuse your pots and pans. This recipe happens all in one pot and you can practice timing and coordination!

6. Shepherd’s Pie

What’s a better dish than shepherd’s pie to practice multiple cooking techniques? Here you can work on your knife skills as you dice and mince your veggies and learn to mash hot potatoes into creamy mash all while practicing those meat cooking techniques you learned earlier. It’s a simple dish but you might want to reserve it for a night where you really feel like pushing the envelope.

7. Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

The best thing about this dish is that most of the food is raw. To skip the chicken cooking, this recipe suggests that you buy pre-cooked chicken but you could practice your chicken cooking skills from the baked chicken recipe. Here you will learn to make your own hummus and it will be a great start to your sauce-making experience.


8. Peach Cobbler Muffins

Cupcakes are nice but muffins are a much healthier alternative especially when peaches themselves are so naturally sweet. This peach cobble muffin recipe takes the classic dessert and makes it into a breakfast dish that you can grab in a hurry when you are running late. But you might want to practice the baking techniques the day before and make the night before you happen to run late.


9. Pumpkin Coffee Mug Cake

Everyone wants desserts at the end of the day but a huge cake with all the areas that can go wrong is too much for a beginning cook after a long day at work. Try this mug cake instead and you can practice those big baking techniques on a much smaller scale first.

10. Croissant Breakfast Casserole

You’ve had enough sweets. You want some savory goodness and this is exactly how you want to start off your day. This croissant breakfast casserole is fairly easy to make and might be the perfect recipe to try out on a lazy Sunday. You can unwind while it bakes away in the oven and just be proud of all you accomplished this week.


Do you think your culinary skills can keep up with these easy recipes? Tell us in the comments below.

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10 Easy Recipes To Try If You Are Learning How To Cook - Society19 (2024)


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