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Looking to brush up your home cook skills? Or maybe you’re new to the culinary world and are (finally) ready to learn to cook?

Either way, the best YouTube videos to learn how to cook are all right here.

So skip the hours searching through an endless sea of YouTube cooking channels until you’ve lost the desire to eat altogether, and check out this pared-down list of the absolute best cooking videos on YouTube instead.

There is something for everyone on this list, whether you prefer a straight-forward instructional cooking video, or you like a little whimsy with your educational content.

Get your spatulas ready friends, you’re in for a treat! (that you will, of course, cook yourself)

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1. Basics With Babish (Babish Culinary Universe)

Just starting your cooking journey? Watch this:

This YouTube cooking channel from Babish (an offspring of his popular “Binging with Babish” series) is perfect for beginner cooks and those looking to sharpen their cooking skills, so to speak.

I find Babish’s no-nonsense, dry-humored approach to how-to cooking videos somehow soothing to watch, and his recipes are easy to follow.

Of all the best YouTube videos to learn how to cook, his might just be my favorite. He covers everything from basic cooking techniques to how to make the perfect fried rice (a personal favorite).

Start with the video above if you’re new to cooking, or if you need a pantry refresh. He covers the basic pantry ingredients that everyone should keep on hand, and more.

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2. Genius Recipes by Food52

Watch this easy breakfast recipe hack:

Food52’s YouTube cooking channel is amazing and filled with fun, entertaining, informative shows. I really enjoy all of their content, but my favorite is Genius Recipes.

These are not recipes for genius cooks but, rather, recipes that are simple but often use unexpected, “genius” ingredient hacks.

The chefs on this channel are relatable, funny, and engaging and the recipes are easy to follow and totally delicious.

Some cooking technique hacks are included as well, like my personal favorite “the most genius way to cook a sweet potato“, and they feature easy recipes from chefs all over the globe.

It’s basically like preparing a recipe from a cookbook in your kitchen over Zoom with your BFF.

Except they won’t respond to you and they don’t know you’re there.

3. Everyday Food’s Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

Learn how to make a simple, epic sauce. Watch this:

Everyday Food is a cooking channel created by Martha Stewart’s genius culinary team and features several shows that break down her recipes and prepare them in an approachable, light, and humorous way.

My favorite of the Everyday Food collection is Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph, where Martha’s culinary director and James Beard Award winner addresses common kitchen dilemmas with easy solutions.

Now he may sound intimidating, but Thomas has a warm approach and does a great job explaining the “why” behind various cooking techniques and ingredients.

With new episodes weekly, there are literally hundreds of videos to keep you busy with topics ranging from how to avoid dry, crumbly meatloaf to the best pots and pans to have for every kitchen. (a favorite of mine for new cooks)

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4. Food Wishes

The most amazing garlic peeling trick ever. Watch this:

I love Food Wishes. Chef John’s voice makes me smile. And smiling is my favorite.

John is warm, funny, and totally engaging. And, he’s been at this YouTube cooking channel game for longer than anyone, so he knows a thing or two about making the best YouTube videos to learn how to cook.

With more videos than any other channel on this list, you could literally spend weeks watching chef John cook.

Food Wishes is designed for beginner cooks, with episodes like “Your first Turkey! Easy roast turkey for beginners for the holidays!

There are tons of cooking hacks here as well, like my personal fave “Magic Pizza reheat method!”

Chef John will teach you how to cook and how to avoid common cooking mistakes, all with a big smile on your face.

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5. Chef Steps

Want to cook the perfect steak? Watch this:

Chef Steps is a food channel devoted to demonstrating the “why” behind various cooking techniques. It’s a super educational channel with videos that are easy to follow and informative.

Beginner cooks will really love the “Tips & Tricks” section which features short, micro episodes covering everything from how to mince a shallot to freezing fresh herbs into flavor nuggets.

The videos are often light on verbal instruction, but they are thorough and easy to follow. I particularly enjoy the episode on light and fluffy pancakes, because one can never have too many pancakes.

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6. Bon Appétit

Not sure you have the right kitchen utensils? Watch this:

While Bon Appétit may generally feel less approachable than some of the others on this list, this is not the case with the publication’s YouTube cooking channel arm.

While there are a handful of “fancy” recipes here, true to form, the majority of their videos feature recipes that are totally appropriate for the home cook. (not to mention fun, engaging, and, dare I say, unpretentious?)

All the videos here are extremely well done and definitely some of the best YouTube videos to learn how to cook, with much of the classic cooking show feel that we’ve come to expect.

I really love the Test Kitchen Talks series, where the pro chefs behind Bon Appétit discuss topics ranging from 8 types of grilled cheese to 8 methods for improving boxed brownies. (clearly good things come in 8’s)

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7. You Suck At Cooking

The Best Way To Cook Bacon. Period. Watch this:

Of all the best YouTube videos to learn how to cook on this list, You Suck At Cooking provides, by far, the most ridiculous options. And I am a raving fan.

This cooking channel will not only help you to learn to cook, it will make you laugh. Hard. In the most hilarious of fashions, you will learn basic cooking skills from 7 ways to chop an onion to how to make guacamole. (with the onion you just chopped)

If you’re looking to learn how to cook but you want a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit with your instructional video, this cooking channel is the one for you.

If you love learning cooking techniques & enjoyed these Best YouTube Videos to Learn How to Cook, then check out How to Learn To Cook Like A Chef: The Secret Guide!

7 Of The Best YouTube Videos To Learn How To Cook | Frosted Kale (2024)


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