99 Easy Ways to Teach the 100th Day of School (2024)

    Celebrating the 100th day of school is not only fun, it’s also packed with tons of valuable learning opportunities for your students. From books to balloons and counting to crafts, we’ve rounded up 99 quick and easy ways to bring 100th Day fun into your classroom this year.

    1. ReadThe Biggest Snowman Ever!and then count out and fill a jar with 100 cotton balls.

    2. Use amapto find what is 100 miles north, south, east, and west of your school.

    3. Keep track of new words while you’re reading until you get to 100.

    4. Count to 100using divisors.

    5. Celebrate with Spike and his critter classmates inHedgehog’s 100th Day of School.

    6. Write a shared story of 100 sentences, with each student adding a sentence at a time.

    7. String a necklace using 100 beads or pieces of pasta.

    8. Fill small baggies with 100 small, easy-to-collect items (paper clips, seeds, beans, pencils, etc.) then guess the weight of each. Weigh each bag to see who got it right!

    9. Talk about what was happening 100 years ago. What was the world like?

    10. Use 100 plastic cups to build a giant pyramid—or anything else you can think of!

    11. Read100th Day Worriesand talk about some of the things you’re worried about and how you can work through them.

    12. Figure out what year it will be when you turn 100 years old.

    13. Fill in this sentence: “On the first day of school I couldn’t _______, but now on the 100th day, I can ______.”

    14.Make a patternusing 100 shapes.

    15. Count to 100by 5s.

    16. Count to 100by 10s.

    17. Learn to say 100 in three other languages.

    18. Make a tower with 100 blocks.

    19. Usestickersto make a100th Day dot craft.

    20. Make a paper chain with 100 links and hang it across your classroom.

    21. Learn how tomake a tallyup to 100.

    22. Get physical! Do 100 hops or jumping jacks.

    23.Hold a food driveand collect 100 food items for your favorite charity.

    24. ReadThe Snowy Dayand then make 100 paper snowflakes to hang in your classroom.

    25. Write a story about what you think the world will be like in 100 years.

    26. Print out a weather map and find the cities where the temperature reached 100 degrees or more.

    27. Find a school 100 miles away, then write them a postcard from your class. See if they write back!

    28. Fill a jar with 100kindness cards, then hand them out each time you notice a student doing something kind.

    29. Celebrate with 100 laughs by readingThe 100th Day of School from the Black Lagoon.

    30. Make a100th Day quilt.

    31. Put 100 words in alphabetical order.

    32. ReadThe Tiny Seedby Eric Carle and then count out 100 seeds. Set them aside until spring and then plant them and watch them grow!

    33.Practice writingthe number 100.

    34. Find out howRobin Hill Schoolcelebrates 100 days.

    35. Figure out how you spent the last 100 hours. How many hours did you spend sleeping? Playing? Eating? Doing homework?

    36. Get inspired by reading100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days.

    37. Write a story about what you would do with $100.

    38. Blow up 100 balloons.

    39. Make a list of 100 things you see in your classroom, then see how many you can spot inI SPY School Days.

    40. Organize a bake sale and try to raise $100 for your favorite cause.

    41. Get a head start in math with these0-100 flash cards.

    42. Make acelebration snakeand learn to count to 100 along the way.

    43. Sing the100th Day of School song. (Loudly!)

    44. Write a100th Day poem.

    45. Pick outnumber patternsfrom 1-100.

    46. Find out how this first-grade class celebrates inHooray for the 100th Day!

    47. Run a 100-foot race.

    48.Learn to graph(and reveal a special 100th Day picture along the way) and then...

    49.Make a graphof what you would want 100 of.

    50. Make a banner with 100 handprints.

    51. Paint 100 small rocks or beans, then glue them to a piece of cardboard.

    52. ReadThe Very Hungry Caterpillar, then make a list of 100 foods you love to eat.

    53. Break your class into three teams see who can solve 100 math problems first.

    54. Count 100 jelly beans and separate them by color. Figure out the percentage of each color. Then eat the jelly beans!

    55. Complete100 math worksheetsas a class.

    56. ReadThe Winter Wish, then make a list of 100 wishes.

    57. Make a 100th DayPoetry Frame.

    58. Make a crown or a headband with 100 Cheerios.

    59. Be kind! ReadKindness Counts, then make a list of 100 kind things you can do or say. Hang the list in your classroom.

    60. Go outside and take 100 steps, then measure to see who got the closest to 100 feet.

    61. Make100th Day mini-books.

    62. Practice grouping by collecting 100 beans and grouping them by 10s, 5s, and 2s

    63. Make 100 cards for a charity, children’s hospital, or the troops.

    64. Use acounting caddieto learn to count to 100.

    65. Learn about what it takes to be the president inSo, You Want to Be the President?Then figure out who the president was 100 years ago.

    66. Dress up like how you think you’ll look when you’re 100 years old.

    67. Practicemultiplying by 10sto get to 100.

    68. Have a contest to see who can write the numbers 1-100 in 100 seconds. Whoever wins gets areward!

    69. Glue 100 popsicle sticks to a long piece of paper, then create your own popsicles on each one.

    70. Do a100th Day activity sheet.

    71. Read aboutmaking a pizza, then draw a giant pizza and color in 100 toppings.

    72. Try to bounce a ball 100 times.

    73. Use riddles, secret codes, and interactive stories to celebrate 100 days with thisactivity booklet.

    74. Join everyone’s favorite kindergarten teacher inMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten.

    75. Make a chain of 100 students across the playground.

    76. See how many times you can write your name in 100 seconds.

    77. Make your ownmini-bookof 100th Day poems.

    78. Congratulate your students for completing 100 days of school with areward certificate.

    79. Keep a list throughout the year of all the books you’ve read in your classroom, then celebrate when you hit 100!

    80. Draw 100 spots on thisadorable dog! (And do some other activities along the way, too.)

    81. Learn how to do everything “the 100 way” in theScholastic Reader Level 2: The 100th Day of Schoolbook.

    82. Organize a 100th Day scavenger hunt around your classroom.

    83. Make a stack of 100 coins, then measure it.

    84. Fill out aMaking Hundreds chart.

    85. ReadRookie Read-About Holidays: 100 Days of Schooland learn fun facts about the 100th day of school.

    86. Race to 100 with this easy-to-makeshoebox learning center.

    87.Draw a pictureof your 100th Day celebration.

    88. Flip a coin 100 times and keep track of the results.

    89. See how Miss Hill’s class celebrates 100 days in thisHello Reader! Level 1: The 100th Day.

    90. Do acoloring activity.

    91. Will Emily ever make it to her 100th day of school? ReadEmily’s First 100 Days of Schoolto find out, then complete these fun100th Day activities.

    92. Take a photo with 100 students in the shape of the number 100, then hang it in your school.

    93. Learn whyzero is a hero, then practice counting by 10s.

    94. Learn about the seasons inThe Year at Maple Hill Farm, then make a list of 100 things you like to do outside—25 for each season!

    95. Figure out how many days there are in 100 hours.

    96. ReadHappy 100th Day!and look for the 100 objects on each page.

    97. See if your class can be perfectly quiet for 100 seconds!

    98.Read, write, and coloryour way to 100 days.

    99. Put together a 100-piece puzzle.

99 Easy Ways to Teach the 100th Day of School (2024)


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