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  • ... Fish Shaped Salmon Flashers NO FINS · Releases/Terminal/Hooks · Premium Trolling ... Chris Fishing Tech 1130 Geele Ave Sheboygan Wi. 9202877361. © 2023 ...

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4. Home - Fly Fishing with Chris Hague

  • Chris can be best described as a casting junkie who spends hours perfecting techniques and developing/inventing different casts. His relaxed teaching style sets ...

  • Chris Hague is a professional Fly Fishing Instructor / Guide who is based in Yorkshire. His passion is catching anything on the fly from Trout, Grayling, Sea Trout, Salmon and Pike to saltwater species. Chris has travelled to many countries including

5. Captain Chris - Sharky's Charter Fishing Oregon

  • Our experienced Captain's will guide you to the best fishing spots in the Oregon Pacific! Decades of actual fish catching techniques and the best navigation ...

  • Boat: MISS ISLAY Capt. Chris Captain Chris Wesley is a professional charter Captain with more than eight years of experience as a licensed Charter Boat Captain. He enjoys spending time fishing the rivers, bays and pacific ocean. Captain Chris is a great teacher! Teaching those with no experience, as well as swapping tips and tales […]

6. Ep 52 – Bait Fishing the Freshwater with Chris & Rhys

  • 21 apr 2021 · Become an expert angler and learn all the techniques the Social Fishing team use on every trip. This series is designed to guide you to ...

  • In this episode Rhys & Chris go back to basics and talk about bait fishing for freshwater fish. This is how fishing started for both Rhys and Chris and

7. A Fishy Discussion With Chris Castro of Next Level Fishing TV

  • Fish Biology, Fisheries, Fishing Techniques, Guide Brains, Redfish Lures, Traveling Fisherman - July 07, 2021. A Fishy Discussion With Chris Castro of Next ...

  • We have our very first guest - Chris Castro of Next Level Fishing TV sits down with us to discuss all things kayak fishing. Ever thought about getting into kayak fishing? What about offshore kayak fishing for sailfish? If so, Chris Castro is your man, and Next Level Fishing TV is your guide. Be sure to follow along with Chris' adventures with Next Level Fishing TV on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

8. Ep 2 - Chris Cotterill: The Evolution of Fishing Techniques

  • On the second episode of the Social Fishing Podcast I introduce to you one of the long-time members of the Social Fishing team and co-host of the podcast, ...

  • On the second episode of the Social Fishing Podcast I introduce to you one of the long-time members of the Social Fishing team and co-host of the podcast, Chris Cotterill. In this first episodes I sit down with Chris and interview him to share a bit of his background and upbringing. After this we get into talking about the evolution of fishing techniques and how they have changed so much over the past 20 or so years. Chris talks about incredible aspects of the way we fish and he thinks the way forward is not in the new gear but more about becoming better anglers.

9. Capt. Chris Myers - Your Central Florida Flats Fishing Guide

  • Mosquito Lagoon fishing guide having learned some new or different fishing techniques. I believe that the people that catch the most fish on a consistent ...

  • I have been fishing the saltwater lagoons of east central Florida for over 25 years. For the last 18 years, I have been a full time flats fishing guide specializing in sight fishing the flats with light tackle and fly fishing gear. I prefer stalking redfish, trout, and drum and tarpon in shallow water with fly and artificial lures but I also take kids and people with no experience on easy catching trips. Since the early 90's, I have been fly fishing these waters as well. I can still recall exactly where I was the first time I hooked a redfish on fly. Guiding allows me to share that same experience with other anglers. While I can never guarantee how the fish will act or how many an angler might catch, I can be sure they will get off the boat having learned some new or different fishing techniques.

Chris's Fishing Tech (2024)


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