Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Red Velvet Dragon Boss (2024)

Guild Battle is an important game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom since it gives you weekly rewards. The higher ranked your guild is, the better rewards you’ll get. However, it’s hard to be in a high-ranked guild if you don’t do enough damage to the bosses. The Affovamp Comp is the meta team for the Red Velvet Dragon Boss, and here are some tips on how to build it in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It’s recommended to have the cookies for this comp (Dark Choco Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Vampire Cookie) at least level 50, but it’s more efficient if you have your cookies at the maxed level (Level 70).

Treasures for this comp are Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Old Pilgrim’s Slingshot, and Squishy Jelly Watch. Your Slingshot and Watch treasures have to be maxed for you to use this comp. A vampire should also have at least Level 10 Magic Candy for it to work. You can easily craft Vampire’s candy ingredients from the Magic Laboratory, where you can craft Cookie Resonants and Swiftness Sugar Crystals.

How to beat the Red Velvet Dragon Boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Timing is the Key

This comp needs specific timings so you can get the best amount of damage. When you enter the match, make sure your Auto button is off. Make sure to cast Cotton Cookie’s skill as soon as Eclair’s skill timer is on his hair parting. (If you mistime, you can just reset the match and it won’t use a Guild Ticket.)

As soon as you see the boss, you should cast Affogato and Eclair together (you can spam their skill buttons right before the boss title shows up, and only stop hitting their skills when you’re 100% sure they activated). Afterward, look at the Slingshot.

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When the Slingshot timer is on the 3 o’clock position, cast Dark Choco. When the timer is in the 7 o’clock position, cast Vampire Cookie. Press Auto” as quickly as you can. After the first round of timings, the rest of the cookies should be able to be cast on time, as long as you have the right toppings and CD substats for all of them.

While these timings might be hard to get used to at first, these are the best timings for this comp, and randomly tapping the skills for these cookies won’t deal the same result. You should be able to deal at least 20 million damage to the Red Velvet Dragon, and more if you have higher bonds, cookie promotion/ascensions, guild buffs, or Scroll level.

Toppings for Cotton

Cotton is an important cookie in this comp since her summoned sheep help to protect the team from the Red Velvet Dragon’s swipes and attacks. When timed properly, she’ll help your cookies do two rounds of skills. If you timed her wrong, Dark Choco will die early in the match and you’ll deal only half of your normal damage.

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She requires a full Swift Chocolate set since you need her to be able to summon sheep quickly. She needs at least a 28.6% cooldown (this is including the Topping Set effect; without the effect, the topping substat would show “23.6%”).

Toppings for Vampire

The Vampire is highly recommended to have a full Searing Raspberry set with as many ATK and CRIT substats as possible. Since he’s the main damage dealer in this comp (he does more than half of the group’s total damage to dragon), you should make sure he has the best Raspberry set out of the rest.

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Prior to Vampire’s Magic Candy, players would use a set mixed with Juicy Apple Jelly for more CRIT chance, but since his Magic Candy guarantees a CRIT after his 1st skill, this is now useless. Another thing to note is that Vampire has to cast his skill 3 times in the whole run and to make sure that his 3rd cast has all the DEF Decrease debuffs from Dark Choco Cookie and Old Pilgrim’s Slingshot.

To make sure he’s getting the debuffs, check the upper right section of the screen. If his skill hits when the debuff symbol has a “3” in it, he’s hitting right on time. If it only has 2, then you’re missing out on extra damage from Vampire! Add Cooldown substats until you’re sure his third skill is doing the same amount of damage as his second skill.

Toppings for Affogato

Affogato is your second-highest damage dealer, so it’s recommended that you use Searing Raspberries with him as well. Unlike Vampire, if you have good CRIT Damage Landmarks and Sugar Gnome Laboratory Upgrades, you can mix in some Juicy Apple Jelly toppings in his build.

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Popular builds for him include full Raspberry, 3 Raspberries, and 2 Apple Jellies, and lastly, full Apple Jelly for late-game players with a high-level scroll, bond effects, and maxed CRIT Damage upgrades.

Topping substat requirements for Affogato include at least 5.5% cooldown and at least 5% DMG Resist. (The DMG Resist is necessary since sometimes cookies like Affogato and Eclair can die from the Dragon’s “DMG Reflect” attack)

Toppings for Eclair

Like Affogato, there are three popular builds to use for him. Players can choose between full Raspberry, 3 Raspberries and 2 Apple Jellies, and full Apple Jelly depending on their current stage in the game.

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Topping substat requirements for Eclair include at least 3% cooldown (a maximum of 4%) and at least 20% DMG Resist. (The DMG Resist is necessary since he can die from the Dragon’s “DMG Reflect” attack if you have a lower DMG Resist. 20% guarantees that you’ll always have Eclair surviving for 2 whole skills in the match.)

Toppings for Dark Choco

Dark Choco does the least amount of damage in the team, but he’s still important since he provides a DEF Decrease debuff against the Red Velvet Dragon. This, combined with the Old Pilgrim’s Slingshot treasure, means you can decrease the boss’s DEF stat by 100%.

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Topping substat requirements for Dark Choco include an 8% cooldown (you can have a minimum of 7.8% and a maximum of around 8.6%). If you can’t get the cooldown from Searing Raspberries or Juicy Apple Jellies, you can use a Swift Chocolate topping or two since he doesn’t have as high of damage output as the other cookies.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Red Velvet Dragon Boss (2024)


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