Examples of "Motorcycle" in a Sentence (2024)


  • However, talented artists can usually blend designs together with little to no problem.The person who is nervous about adding a fairy to a motorcycle tattoo may want to give a temporary tattoo a "test drive" before doing anything permanent.



  • Because of this, it's important that you take each feature of your potential investment in your own eyesight into careful consideration before making a decision on one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your motorcycle.



  • Motorcycle Superstore is filled with motorcycling gear such as tires and accessories, but within the "helmets and riding gear" section you'll find a great collection of OTG motorcycle goggles of many different colors and styles.



  • I am the only motorcycle rider in the office I work at.



  • When you attend a motorcycle or moped test present the DL196 to your driving examiner.


  • The Company has grown to become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the leading automakers.


  • If you are interested in updating your current insurance by adding or dropping services you can complete the forms online by going to Progressive Insurance Choices where you will be able to select from auto, home and motorcycle.



  • The lightweight alternator supplying the power required by the motorcycle has an output of 720W at 60 amps.

  • More accurately this should be renamed ' The Stunt Of Paycheck ' as it mainly covers the motorcycle chase.

  • Faster street bike acceleration cheats With any street motorcycle, use weight control and hold back to wheelie.


  • Back in 1982, when founders Peter Laughton and David Wooding started the company, the market for motorcycle clothing was very different.

  • William John Ferguson from Stewart Avenue, Cookstown, was killed after his motorcycle collided with a Volkswagen Golf car around 7.20pm.

  • Mardar was a motorcycle courier who fell sweetly in love with a young girl in his charge.

  • Try and get a modem motorcycle to perform like that and you would soon have a crankcase full of swarf.

  • The helmets were modified motorcycle crash helmets with a cowl added around the bottom to cover the chin and neck area.


  • However, special equipment is fitted by the BMW motorcycle dealership, from new, or at a later date.

  • Not sure which motorcycle exhaust system to buy for your bike?

  • This motorcycle was later found in an entry off the railroad footbridge at the rear of houses at Abingdon Drive.

  • The R80 G/S quickly became the ideal motorcycle for committed globe-trotters.

  • It comes to the age of to provide a motorcycle institute in.


  • Jap engine, bolted directly via engine plates to the chassis just like a motorcycle.

  • The incident involved a small quantity of gasoline from the motorcycle which was extinguished using one hosereel jet.

  • Tho all its faults I made a decision to persevere and ordered Snoopers motorcycle fitting kit for £ 19.95.

  • A vital leveler provide satisfactory results at motorcycle mechanics fire insurance the.

  • Providing the drive chain is in good order, apply a motorcycle drive chain lubricant.


  • Last weekend, Ducati was the featured marque at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days held here.

  • Motorcycle Products and Trike Parts including, moped, scooter, trike and custom bike parts.

  • All learner motorcycle and learner moped riders must complete a CBT course before riding on the road.

  • All the best Simon Simon Milward, on the road simonrtw@hotmail.com www.millennium-ride.com A solo fundraising round the world ride on a handmade motorcycle.

  • Carrick motorcycles - edinburgh, yamaha motorcycle main dealer, sales, spares, service.

  • The first of these used a 400 cc motorcycle engine to give a primarily electric vehicle a " limp home " capability.

  • These are the Lucky Seven, chopper builders whose bikes have forever changed the face of the custom motorcycle world.

  • Huntley arrived in a marked police van escorted by five squad cars and two police motorcycle outriders shortly before the 10am hearing.

  • Steering precision is a particularly important requirement on a sports motorcycle.

  • The changes allowed greater run-off to be provided for the circuit's motorcycle racers.

  • I play a guy named Trey, he's the leader of a motorcycle gang called the reapers, out of Inglewood.

  • They consisted of 5 parachutes packed into one bag and were attached to recoilless rifles; anti-tank guns and even motorcycle combinations.

  • The Ducati Monster is an unfaired sports roadster style motorcycle.

  • Redbrick are not opposed to the motorcycle showroom itself.

  • If you fit a sidecar to a motorcycle you really need to reduce it's gearing to cope better with the extra load.

  • They have carried out some major litter picks which have involved the removal of fly-tipped waste, including a motorcycle sidecar!

  • There is no more discreet solution for a car or more effective solution for a motorcycle.

  • The front wheel was carried in heavy duty motorcycle forks with a chain driven steering wheel.

  • The streets of Driffield will come alive on 28-29 May with live music, fantastic motorcycle stunt displays and trade stands.

  • A COLLISION between a car and a motorcycle on the M4 caused massive tailbacks on Monday.

  • Members will be advised to use good quality shackles, locks and chains as secondary protection against motorcycle theft.

  • Motorcycle visors Consultation seeking views on options for possible changes to the permitted minimum light transmittance of motorcyclists ' visors.

  • The changes allowed greater run-off to be provided for the circuit 's motorcycle racers.

  • Local businesses also reap the benefits such as car preparation firms, communication companies, publishers, and car and motorcycle part suppliers.

  • I play a guy named Trey, he 's the leader of a motorcycle gang called the Reapers, out of Inglewood.

  • Extra reflectors fitted to a motorcycle are not included in this inspection.

  • There was a respectful silence, then a glum man from Motorcycle Monthly said Can I have their number?

  • Will Yamaha resurrect what V4 fans consider the ' perfect ' motorcycle engine configuration?

  • A few simple precautions can help reduce the risk of having your motorcycle or scooter stolen.

  • If you fit a sidecar to a motorcycle you really need to reduce it 's gearing to cope better with the extra load.

  • They have carried out some major litter picks which have involved the removal of fly-tipped waste, including a motorcycle sidecar !

  • This type of hearse is a motorcycle with a special sidecar built to carry a casket or an urn.

  • Motorcycle sidecar record smashed The world motorcycle sidecar speed record has been smashed in New Zealand.

  • The red curve shows a typical stock motorcycle with minor performance modifications (slip-on exhaust).

  • This is was a lovely speedy little three-wheeler racing car, with a 1000cc motorcycle engine and a wood and aluminum frame.

  • Want to know how to buy a new motorcycle?

  • They are also largely sold by dealers looking to make a profit, meaning you can buy a new motorcycle for much less than you might expect.

  • These tips can help you buy a quality motorcycle at a fair price, giving you more time on the road enjoying the wind in your hair.

  • First, decide what kind of new motorcycle you want to buy.

  • This decision will depend on how you plan to use the motorcycle.

  • The best known example of a cruiser motorcycle is a Harley Davidson.

  • The sport bike is more or less a consumer version of the type of motorcycle used in racing, albeit less powerful.

  • Once you decide on the type of motorcycle you want to buy, hit the internet.

  • Go to the manufacturer's website and read up on it, read various reviews, and if you have any questions, find an online forum for motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • If you plan on using an old motorcycle to gain trade-in value, make sure you know the value before you approach a motorcycle dealer.

  • A dealer may undervalue your used motorcycle.

  • You can go to the Kelly Blue Book website to check and see how much your motorcycle is worth for selling and trading it in.

  • The dealer invoice price is what an individual new motorcycle costs a dealer when he buys it from the manufacturer.

  • There's no reason you should hesitate to bring the dealer's asking price for a new motorcycle as close as possible to the invoice price.

  • Remember that on top of what you pay for the new motorcycle, there will be a series of fees, such as destination fees, setup fees, documentation fees, and others.

  • As with car dealerships, motorcycle dealers want to move old inventory out to make room for the latest models.

  • Offer to pay cash, but request another five to 10 percent off the price of the new motorcycle for doing so.

  • Read performance reviews of the latest motorcycle models at Motorcycle.com, Also find dealer ads and user forums.

  • The first order of business is to decide what type of used motorcycle you want.

  • Next, try to find a reliable source for buying a used motorcycle.

  • You can find used motorcycles at dealers, and the advantage of buying from a dealer is that you often receive or can buy a warranty with the motorcycle.

  • Also, if the motorcycle turns out to be a complete lemon, you will have less trouble returning it to a dealer than you would returning it to an individual.

  • Dealers, however, may charge more than the used motorcycle is worth.

  • You can also buy a used motorcycle from an individual.

  • In a case where you are buying a motorcycle from a stranger, you are going to have to use old-fashioned intuition to determine whether the person is dealing fairly with you.

  • If you are unsure of the price you should be paying for the used model you want, consult with friends and other motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • Also, compare the price a particular dealer or individual is asking with the prices for the same model of used motorcycle asked by other dealers and individuals.

  • The advantage of the Internet is that you can compare numerous ads for the same model of motorcycle.

  • Give the used motorcycle you are considering a test drive, if possible.

  • If you are actually looking at a motorcycle in person, then there is no reason the dealer or the individual selling it should not allow you to test drive the bike.

  • However, if you buy a used motorcycle via an Internet auction, you will not have an opportunity to test it first.

  • This almost guarantees the motorcycle is not stolen.

  • Also find motorcycle trailers and other accessories.

  • Bid for the used motorcycle you want at eBay Motors.

  • Buy leather items including motorcycle, varsity, bomber and other casual leather jackets.

  • If you are looking for something to carry your gear while you travel the open road, you may want to look into some motorcycle trailers to buy.

  • Before you look at motorcycle trailers to buy, you need to consider some important features that will affect your performance, safety and storage space.

  • The width of the trailer should not be too much wider than the width of your motorcycle.

  • A solid motorcycle trailer can help improve handling of your bike.

  • Now that you have a bit of information on motorcycle trailers, you need to start shopping.

  • You may even find motorcycle trailers to buy local to your area at a great price!

  • A motorcycle trailer can be a good item to buy.

  • Buying a motorcycle battery is not difficult.

  • Motorcycle batteries are very similar to car batteries in that there are, essentially, two types to consider.

  • There are many models and sizes depending on the model of motorcycle.

  • Base your choice on the make and model of the motorcycle you ride.

  • For example, a visit to www.batterymart.com will show that riders of a Harley Davidson FXD model motorcycle have a choice of three batteries ranging in price from $68.95 to $128.95.

  • You will not often need to be buying a motorcycle battery if you store the battery you have correctly.

  • Buying a motorcycle battery can be easily accomplished if you keep your bike make and model, the type of the battery you are replacing, the performance you want and the price you want to pay, in mind.

  • As any buying guide for used motorcycles advises, buying a motorcycle involves three important steps; inspection, research, and purchase.

  • Finding a used motorcycle isn't difficult.

  • However the more difficult part of the process is actually buying a motorcycle that is in good condition and one that will last you for many years.

  • When you first answer that ad and decide to check out a used motorcycle, the most critical step is the very first one - the inspection.

  • Knowing how to properly inspect a used motorcycle will save you a great deal of time, because you will be able to immediately discount the bikes that you know you don't want.

  • Consider also buying a motorcycle trailer for it, and hit the road!

  • A motorcycle helmet buying guide is a must have, just like the actual helmet itself.

  • Protecting your head while on a motorcycle should be second nature, much like shifting into second.

  • Depending on your riding style, there are various motorcycle helmets that can accompany your bike.

  • Almost all full-face helmets are Snell approved since they are commonly used in motorcycle road racing like the MotoGP and Grand Prixs.

  • And don't forget to reference this motorcycle helmet buying guide!

  • Shop for polycarbonate lenses for everything from motorcycle riding to target practice, and on to golf.

  • Rough ice can be as hard as concrete, so the effects wouldn't be much different than they would be if you fell off a motorcycle on the street.

  • Your car, truck, or motorcycle if studio allows for outdoor portraits.

  • Elevated blood alcohol levels are found in about 30% of motorcycle drivers killed in crashes.

  • The number of motorcycle operators who were charged with alcohol-related offenses increased in 25 states, as well as the District of Columbia.

  • Country singer Kenny Chesney gave him a Harley Davidson motorcycle at the end of their 2003 tour.

  • The Tonight Show host Jay Leno auctioned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle signed by various celebrity guests.

  • George Clooney and his girlfriend, Sarah Larson, were treated at Palisades Medical Center in New Jersey following a motorcycle accident.

  • The accident occurred in the mid-afternoon of September 21, 2007 when Clooney's Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Mazda Millenia collided in Weehawken, New Jersey.

  • Clooney's injuries from the motorcycle accident are not expected to interfere with the filming schedule.

  • Brolin showed up on the set of No Country for Old Men with a broken collar bone due to a motorcycle accident.

  • Police then caught up with Rob a few blocks away on his motorcycle, claiming that he never touched her and left the house to get away from his "bipolar" wife and not to evade the police.

  • Bullock married motorcycle designer and reality TV host James in 2005.

  • With his own money, he began a custom motorcycle shop out of his mother's garage in 1992.

  • Through word of mouth, his custom bikes gained attention from celebrities and motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • In 2000, Discovery Channel caught wind of this detail-oriented craftsman and offered him the chance to be featured in a documentary called Motorcycle Mania.

  • When Discovery was creating new reality shows for their 2002 season, they offered James his own series based on the popularity of his appearance in Motorcycle Mania.

  • The show followed the process of creating the bikes, from the ordering and design stage through to completion, showcasing exactly how much work and effort goes into building just one motorcycle.

  • The three basic styles of leather jackets are bomber, motorcycle and trench.

  • The motorcycle jacket is also waist length but zips on a slight diagonal and usually zips down the bottom part of the sleeve.

  • We do a lot of running, motorcycle events and on and on.

  • For owners who have the luxury of a convertible top or who ride a motorcycle, you can get dog goggles to protect your dog's eyes when going for rides.

  • During the latter part of the twentieth century, tattoos were primarily utilized by microcultures, such as motorcycle gangs, street gangs, and punks.

  • Chances are, if you're a man or you know one who prefers biking to driving a car, he loves his motorcycle.

  • If you have a motorcycle, there's a chance you could benefit from a men's leather motorcycle vest.

  • Leather motorcycle vests can give you that bad boy look that draws glances and stares from admirers everywhere.

  • Most motorcycle enthusiasts will claim that the best material for leather vests and other motorcycle apparel is cowhide, mainly because of its durability.

  • If you need leather pants or boots to add to your motorcycle wardrobe, you can pick those up at the same time.

  • There is also a men's leather motorcycle vest with side laces, two front pockets, and two pockets inside.

  • Protect your leather motorcycle vest from the elements as much as possible.

  • The company also carries motorcycle gear, like boots and duster coats.

  • While the basic motorcycle style is always one to watch, there are many other styles available that suit various personalities and dress senses.

  • Riding a motorcycle is a way of life for many and the clothing that is worn reflects that as well.

  • Biker tees can be found at motorcycle stores, bike rallies, where leather goods are sold and online.

  • While you may decide to do without other types of motorcycle clothing, top quality men's motorcycle jackets are necessary protection.

  • The color selection for leather motorcycle jackets is usually limited to black and various shades of brown; this limited color selection is one of the drawbacks of leather jackets.

  • Motorcycle jackets are also available in goatskin, lambskin, sheepskin, or buffalo hide leathers.

  • In addition to exploring options for a jacket, you can browse their full line of motorcycle clothing.

  • Invest in the best quality men's motorcycle jackets you can afford; the long life of such items more than offsets a slightly higher initial cost.

  • For many people it's a black leather jacket worn by bad boys and motorcycle gangs.

  • Do you have a favorite car, truck, or motorcycle?

  • However, goggles for winter sports or riding a motorcycle will rarely, if ever, cost that little.

  • Eyeglass.com has goggles for a variety of sports, including ski, swim, and motorcycle designs.

  • For serious bikers, motorcycle goggles are more than a fashion accessory - they are a necessary tool to improve both riding performance and safety.

  • There are several basic styles of motorcycle goggles riders can choose from.

  • Most motorcycle accessory stores carry a range of goggles in popular styles.

  • Motorcycle retailers usually offer a limited selection, but specialty stores are the best option for finding suitable styles.

  • The price of motorcycle goggles varies widely depending on the features of the style, the brand name, and any prescription requirements.

  • Motorcycle goggles are an essential accessory for any serious biker.

  • If you wear prescription eyeglasses and you ride a motorcycle, then you're probably always on the lookout for good motorcycle goggles that fit over glasses.

  • The demand for goggles that have room for prescription eyeglasses is important for riders who don't want to wear large and bulky helmets, but would still like the eye protection that motorcycle goggles offer.

  • Just because you wear prescription eyewear doesn't mean that you can't wear motorcycle goggles.

  • Additionally, OTG motorcycle goggles incorporate grooves or spaces on the sides where the frame of your glasses can pass through without bending the frame or damaging the goggles.

  • If you're shopping for motorcycle goggles that fit over glasses, there are a few important characteristics that you should look for if you want to enjoy the most comfortable and enjoyable ride.

  • You can find motorcycle goggles that fit over glasses at almost any retailer that sells motorcycle gear, such as Amazon or any biker outfitter.

  • However, there are also a few online shops that specialize in motorcycle gear as well, and you might be able to find some good deals if you shop there.

  • You can wear them for motorcycle and ATV riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, skydiving, shooting and any other extreme sport.

  • Motorcycle riders must wear protective lenses at all times, so night-driving lenses, or lenses like those marketed by PanOptx for both day and night wear, can be quite appealing to them.

  • They get the job done and they can exaggerate that bad boy or girl feel you may get from driving or riding on a motorcycle.

  • Some things are always important in motorcycle goggles.

  • Wondering where you can score a pair of these magnificent old fashion motorcycle goggles?

  • Old fashion motorcycle goggles are no exception.

  • Old fashion motorcycle goggles are a beautiful tribute to the "bad boys" of the past.

  • Prescription motorcycle goggles are your best friend if you need vision correction to drive and you also want to protect your eyes as well as possible from dirt, dust, and more while you're out on the open road.

  • When you're shopping for prescription motorcycle goggles, it's important to decide what you'd like them to do.

  • You may want to check with your local optical shops first to see what they have in stock and try on a few pairs of motorcycle goggles before committing to a pair with your prescription inside.

  • Sport Rx makes it easy to identify the styles that will work for you if you want prescription motorcycle goggles, because they are set aside in a section all their own.

  • There are also more traditional motorcycle goggle styles that have the lenses directly mounted in the goggle frame.

  • Optics Planet has several options for Rx-able motorcycle goggles as well.

  • Riding goggles and sun glasses are imperative if you're planning a motorcycle trip.

  • Sport Rx has-you guessed it-prescription eyewear for sports, including motorcycle riding.

  • Bikers' Den is a fantastic place for finding motorcycle eye gear.

  • If you have a motorcycle and you like to golf, too, you may not need the same color of lenses for both.

  • Motorcycle riding will give you the greatest need for a set of frames where you can swap out the lenses based on the conditions.

  • Additionally, the Sunglass Warehouse lets you shop by activity, for example motorcycle or driving glasses, and also by color.

  • Driving the motorcycle isn't anything to tout.

  • If you're planning to take your bike on an outdoor adventure, be sure to take along all the motorcycle camping gear you're likely to need.

  • When you're getting ready to go on a motorcycle camping trip, it's certainly important to put some thought into what items you really need to take.

  • Packing and organizing motorcycle camping gear can certainly be a challenge.

  • It's a good idea to purchase a luggage rack for your motorcycle even if you only plan to camp for a few days at a time, so you can make the most of the limited storage space available on your bike.

  • Selecting gear for a motorcycle camping trip is very similar to choosing equipment for a backpacking outing.

  • Redline Gear carries a complete selection of camping gear that meets the needs of motorcycle camping enthusiast.

  • Full Throttle Camping carries a number of tents, sleeping bags, and compact cooking accessories that meet the needs of motorcycle camping enthusiasts.

  • T-Bags offers a line of motorcycle luggage.

  • If you plan to travel frequently or extended periods, you'll benefit greatly from the additional storage capacity provided by the specially designed motorcycle luggage available from this online retailer.

  • Bikers who camp frequently often decide that adding a motorcycle camper to their inventory of camping equipment is a wise investment.

  • Several companies make trailers designed especially for motorcycle campers who wish to enjoy lightweight trailer camping when traveling by bike.

  • If you want to learn more about motorcycle camping before heading off on an outdoor adventure on two wheels, you might want to read Motorcycle Camping Made Easy by Bob Woofter.

  • Whether you're a novice or you've been on a number of motorcycle camping trips, it's important to remind yourself that the key to having a fun experience when camping by motorcycle is planning.

  • In most cases, however, they are referring to B&F Specialties' Bunkhouse brand of pop-up motorcycle campers and travel trailers.

  • What makes these campers different from other motorcycle campers is that the bows are on the outside.

  • It is easier to tow with a smaller motorcycle than the LX.

  • These campers have several safety features to help protect the motorcycle rider that is towing them.

  • Finding used motorcycle camper trailers for sale can be one of the best ways to save money on this type of RV.

  • The same is true for motorcycle camper trailers.

  • When the wear and tear on a used motorcycle camper trailer is more than slight, it becomes important to consider the specific type of damage, the cost of repair and the value of the system at that point.

  • Finding used motorcycle camper trailers for sale is easy enough to do.

  • Check sites such as eBay.com and motorcycle shops.

  • When you invest in a used motorcycle camper trailers, you can save a great deal of money.

  • If you take long trips on your motorcycle, you may be interested in a pop up tent trailer for a motorcycle.

  • A pop up tent trailer for a motorcycle that is set up off the ground looks like a miniature of a normal pop up tent trailer that tows behind large vehicles.

  • Motorcycle rallies and shows are held all over the United States and Canada and motorcycle pop-ups are often on display at them.

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts will find the following websites invaluable in locating a pop up tent trailer for a motorcycle.

  • You can store all your camping gear in the trailer and tow it behind your motorcycle and hit the road.

  • Check out the following website to plan your motorcycle camping trip.

  • Given the configuration of a motorcycle, it would not at all be useful to have a speaker mounted on the handlebars.

  • Instead, the Parrot Bluetooth kit for motorcycles places the speaker inside the motorcycle helmet and the microphone is placed much closer to the rider's mouth, not unlike a telemarketer's headset.

  • Brain injury is most likely to occur in males between ages 15 and 24, usually as a result of car and motorcycle accidents.

  • Many severe head injuries could be prevented by wearing protective helmets during certain sports and when riding a bike or motorcycle.

  • But some parents also maintain that teenagers should not take large sums of money from their account to make important purchases such as a car or motorcycle without parental permission.

  • This time, Betty is lounging on a motorcycle with palm trees swaying in the background as the sleepy sun gently sets.

  • Vulture and Electro have joined the lineup, and Spidey can chase criminals with his own motorcycle or ATV.

  • Fans of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film will remember Mutt Williams' motorcycle.

  • Much of the bike's popularity is due to its miniature motorcycle aerodynamic design, and while it's much smaller than a regular motorcycle, it still packs a punch for both youthful and adult thrill-seekers.

  • The twist throttle, handle bar controller, and hand break give riders the sensation of riding a real motorcycle.

  • Always keep safety in mind when replacing the battery and never use a lawnmower, motorcycle, or automotive battery as a replacement.

  • There are styles including aviator, motorcycle, blazer and hipster available.

  • Some people want figurines that represent people in their family, such as a motorcycle rider or hairstylist, while others want to represent their pets.

  • If you own a tall pair of black motorcycle boots, you're in luck!

  • Plan an afternoon in your carpentry shop, or teach your date to ride your motorcycle.

  • Signing him up for a class he has always wanted to take is another great idea, for example, if motorcycles are his thing, consider paying and taking a motorcycle class with him.

  • Often, to make up for it in their own minds, they will purchase some extravagant gift - such as an expensive diamond ring, or a motorcycle, or a sudden vacation - and "surprise" their partner.

  • The "It" bag for the line is the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, which offers a look that is chic, strong, and feminine all at once.

  • The Motorcycle Bags are available in small, medium and large and are loaded with style.

  • The Motorcycle Bag is also available in the La Dix Motorcycle, which offers slight design variations, and the Twiggy Motorcycle, which has a rounded, barrel type style.

  • The Overnight Motorcycle Bag offers a more- tote-like style.

  • For those that love the look of quilted bags, Balenciaga offers a Motorcycle bag for you, too.

  • Putting pen to paper, he created a rough draft of the image, and two years later he, along with Davidson, released the very first Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • One of the company's core styles is the biker wallet, which is a practical accessory perfect for the man who wants to ensure that his essentials are safe while he is riding his motorcycle.

  • If he suspects you’re playing him, all you’ll see is the dust as he takes off on his motorcycle or sports car.

  • Standout designs include bags decorated with monkeys, palm trees, sharks, and a motorcycle.

  • Another case where you might want to consider waterproof boots is motorcycle riding.

  • There's nothing hotter for bike wear than a pair of Harley-Davidson motorcycle boots.

  • Motorcycle boots--what else could they be made of?

  • Shop for steel toe, leather and even motorcycle boots.

  • A pair of motorcycle boots with silver grommets and rhinestones was featured in a recent issue of Teen Vogue Magazine and will add spice to any outfit.

  • Boys can look bad to the bone in motorcycle inspired boots that are $80.

  • Obviously, all the favorite styles from Harley Davidson boots are meant for living life on the edge, enjoying yourself on your motorcycle, traveling alone or with your significant other or your buddies.

  • Even Red Wing's motorcycle boots are provided with options such as zipper, lace-up, or pull-on features.

  • Honda Motorcycle Boots have grown in popularity right alongside this manufacturer's famous bikes.

  • With the popularity of their motorcycle division continuously growing, they have branched out even further to meet the diverse needs of all motorcycle enthusiasts, and have done a great job at it.

  • Having to combine fashion with safety, Honda motorcycle boots are a great example of the success the company has met as it branches out to apparel and other extras related to the motorcycle industry.

  • Maybe you are buying your first motorcycle and you want to make sure you have all the right gear.

  • Whatever your situation, Honda motorcycle boots are a great choice.

  • Motorcycle boots are unique from other boots because they are reinforced in the areas of the leg and foot that tend to endure the most stress and injury while riding.

  • Many motorcycle riders who are in accidents become further injured when their feet become trapped underneath the bike.

  • It doesn't take more than one crash for a bike rider to realize that motorcycle boots are made for a purpose and that other shoes just won't protect you and allow you to ride in the same way.

  • The first thing you should look for when purchasing motorcycle boots is a design that covers at least your ankles.

  • Honda motorcycle boots come in a variety of lengths from the ankle up, ensuring quality and protection on the open road.

  • A good grip in the sole of your shoe is also an important aspect of the boot that you will find in all Honda motorcycle boots.

  • Whatever style of boots you choose to purchase, you can rest assured that in Honda motorcycle boots you have made an excellent choice.

  • For the ladies who love their Harley Davidsons, but don't want to ruin their boots in the rain, women's waterproof motorcycle boots are a necessity.

  • With increasing numbers of women buying and riding their own cycles, manufacturers are getting in on the game by selling motorcycle boots especially for women.

  • Many motorcycle boot manufacturers who create footwear for women understand that women want to feel fashionable.

  • Although you'll spot a lot of metal and buckles on motorcycle boots, boots geared for the feminine set are generally not as clunky or heavy as men's boots.

  • Always a fan of two-wheeled sports, he's branched out into the realm of motorcycle boots.

  • Made by Harley Davidson, these boots are very much the real deal, guaranteed to keep you looking cool even if you never go near a motorcycle.

  • Each collection has boots tailored to specific activities such as fishing, hiking, motorcycle riding and even those looking for a quality pair of boots to wear casually.

  • For those looking for a motorcycle boot, the Rally Boot from the Street Warrior Collection is a great choice.

  • He kidnapped Hope on her wedding day (wedding dress and all) and rode off with her on his motorcycle.

  • In February 2009 fans watched as Budig's character got into a horrific motorcycle accident, which caused her untimely death.

  • On the day of her wedding to bad news DA Larry Welch, Bo stormed the Church in his motorcycle and took off with the bride.

  • After a motorcycle accident left her in a coma for months, Greenlee awoke under the care of former brother-in-law David Hayward.

  • Airbrush art can be created on almost any surface - t-shirts, leather, motorcycle helmets and gas tanks, canvas, wood, photographs, paper, fingernails, and skin!

  • If you've ever seen a motorcycle with a custom paintjob on the gas tank, you've seen an example of airbrush art.

  • Bikers who want to incorporate a fantasy tattoo into their design may think about getting motorcycle fairy tattoos.

  • Including a more menacing fairy into a motorcycle tattoo design lends a certain appeal to bikers.

  • An evil fairy atop a motorcycle, glaring into the distance, gives off a menacing feel.

  • A curvy female body with long, stunning wings straddling a motorcycle will not diminish a biker's reputation.

  • Instead of the usual flames or skulls with dripping red roses, a female biker may get a motorcycle with small fairies guiding the rider.

  • A ghost-like outline of a fairy riding behind the biker on the motorcycle would be a fine look.

  • By adding fairies into an existing motorcycle tattoo, the biker can keep his original design.

  • You can incorporate anything into the design, even making the face of the fairy on the motorcycle that of your wife, daughter, or mother.

  • Whether you simply describe what you want, bring in pictures to use as examples, or want to upgrade your current ink, an artist can custom design a motorcycle fairy tattoo.

  • Your motorcycle fairy tattoo design is only as good as the artist who renders it.

  • Whether you have a sexy fairy atop your bike or a flight of fairies following the motorcycle and keeping the rider safe, the fantasy art can be designed in conjunction with your love of bikes.

  • Styled after the famous North American motorcycle company, Bulova's Harley-Davidson watches are ideal for bikers.

  • Any biker will be familiar with the iconic British motorcycle maker, and will recognize the strong branding of the Triumph motorcycle watches.

  • The Triumph Motorcycle Company was started at the end of the 19th Century, in Coventry, a town in the center of England.

  • While a Triumph motorcycle might be just a dream for many people, the Triumph branded wrist watches and other accessories provide a more practical solution for people who love the brand.

  • Buying Triumph motorcycle watches online and buying in store both have some unique advantages.

  • While a Triumph motorcycle for many people will remain a dream, a watch offers a small piece of the iconic brand's heritage and is a perfect choice for people interested in motorcycle culture as well as quality watches.

  • Several websites are one-stop shops for insurance policies that cover automobile, life, health, motorcycle, and rental plans.

  • We also haveup-to-date information aboutpet insurance,RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, and much more.

  • In California they also offer motorcycle and umbrella insurance policies.

  • Some companies offer multiple policy discounts for policyholders who also have auto, motorcycle, boat insurance, or some other type of insurance through the same company.

  • Purchase a boat or motorcycle policy on the Progressive website - You can cut through the time and paperwork usually required to insure these vehicles.

  • If you're browsing insurance companies for your motorcycle, why not take a look at Geico motorcycle insurance?

  • If you are covered by Geico Insurance, you'll be happy to know they offer year-round, 24/7 assistance for all your motorcycle insurance needs.

  • Geico offers free quotes on motorcycle insurance online from their website or by calling, 1-800-44-CYCLE (1-800-442-9253).

  • They have received a 4.7 rating out of 5 from all of their motorcycle policyholders.

  • There are two easy ways to obtain an insurance quote for your motorcycle from Geico.

  • The second option is to visit them online at their motorcycle website.

  • The next page asks you if you have a valid driving license, how many years you have owned and rode your motorcycle and if you have had any accidents, violations or license suspensions.

  • You will also be asked if the motorcycle has any anti-theft devices, and where the motorcycle is stored.

  • Insuring more than one motorcycle through Geico.

  • If you are considered a mature and safe motorcycle driver, you will save even more with Geico.

  • When shopping for motorcycle insurance, you will likely find many companies that offer competitive rates.

  • Before you purchase any motorcycle insurance policy, make sure you ask what exactly will be covered.

  • As one of the Sentry Insurance Group of companies, Dairyland Insurance offers auto and motorcycle insurance to a wide range of customers across the United States.

  • Motorcycle insurance policies are typically written on annual terms and usually cost much less than coverage for automobiles.

  • Motorcycle roadside assistance is available only to members who have a AAA Plus RV Membership, which is different from the Basic Membership offering roadside assistance for automobiles.

  • Members who already have the AAA Plus RV Membership for motorcycle roadside assistance may naturally assume that obtaining AAA motorcycle insurance will result in substantial discounts.

  • Searching the AAA website specific to your region may not yield the results you are looking for with regards to motorcycle insurance.

  • Some of the AAA region-specific websites do not list motorcycle coverage as an available product at all.

  • But, just because motorcycle insurance is not featured on a region-specific AAA website, it does not necessarily mean that this coverage is not offered at all.

  • The best way to find out whether or not your local AAA office offers motorcycle insurance is to contact a AAA representative and ask.

  • The representative will be able to provide information regarding any coverage options available for your motorcycle.

  • The representative will ask several questions regarding your motorcycle, any existing coverage, and other factors that may influence the coverage that is available.

  • Instead, consider AAA to be one of many insurance providers that may be able to provide good motorcycle coverage at a low cost.

  • If your comparison shopping eventually leads you to AAA as the best provider for motorcycle coverage, speak to a representative to assist you in obtaining a policy.

  • To provide the right type and level of protection for a vintage bike, you should educate yourself about classic motorcycle insurance coverage.

  • Motorcycle owners can also choose to buy collision coverage to pay for the cost of repairs to their own bike.

  • Classic motorcycle insurance protects a bike in the same way that a standard policy does, but there is a difference in the amount of coverage that the owner gets when buying this type of policy.

  • A standard car or motorcycle policy pays for physical damage to the vehicle based on its market or cash value.

  • A classic motorcycle policy pays out based on the bike's agreed value.

  • An insurance company will likely consider a motorcycle to be a classic if it is at least 30 years old.

  • How often do you ride your classic motorcycle and how many miles do you put on it each year?

  • If you own a restored motorcycle, the insurer may wish to bring in a specialist to examine it and provide an estimated value before you buy a policy.

  • Buying custom motorcycle insurance is more complicated than putting protection in place for a standard bike.

  • Motorcycle owners must have insurance coverage in place if they are planning to take a bike on the road.

  • Collision coverage also covers the motorcycle against theft.

  • The issue for the insurance company when a customer wishes to buy a custom motorcycle policy is that it cannot readily determine this figure.

  • The owner should check with the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to find out whether his or her motorcycle must be inspected and/or before it can be registered.

  • It's a good idea to get the motorcycle appraised before buying an insurance policy.

  • Custom motorcycle insurance is more challenging for owners because not all companies carry this type of coverage.

  • Before making a decision about where to buy custom motorcycle insurance, a consumer should be clear about the type of coverage that the company offers to bike owners.

  • No motorcycle is necessary to look right at home in black leather lingerie.

  • A motorcycle accident in 1969 in Martha's Vineyard left Taylor unable to play for many months.

  • The Ikki Twins landed their first modeling gig when a coworker asked them to model for a motorcycle Internet site.

  • South Dakota's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the world's largest such gatherings.

  • He is an X-Games gold medal winner, and was the first person to successfully complete a double back flip on a motorcycle.

  • Snider made an appearance on the second season of the Gordon Ramsay reality show Kitchen Nightmares, in which he donated a motorcycle to be auctioned off through the Handlebar restaurant.

  • Fleeing from hired thugs on a motorcycle, he attempts to drive through the exit as the ramp is being raised, flinging him head first into the dangling warning sign that reads 'Max Headroom 2.3 m'.

  • Pitted against him are the increasingly lawless motorcycle gangs, made up of pitiless thugs and outlaws.

  • She then ventures into the world of Gotham to experience the city's raging underground motorcycle racing crowd and somehow manages to get herself an alter-ego of her own as Batgirl.

  • She becomes a purple MV Agusta F4 retroSBK motorcycle.

  • The helmets were very similar to the first version, but the design was more like a motorcycle helmet.

  • Designs such as cowboy hats, motorcycle helmets and baseball caps in any color imaginable, with your company's logo, are available for order.

  • For a hobbyist running a site about building motorcycle models, it might be enough to figure out how to goose traffic enough to have the Google ads pay for hosting and other expenses.

  • To use the example of the motorcycle model site earlier, adding an extra feature like a review of metallic paints from different manufacturers might be of great interest.

  • To bringing all a motorcycle accident to film this.



  • Policies can also include multi bikes, pillion cover, gray imports and motorcycle breakdown.


  • After the start we followed a motorcycle cop at high speed through traffic to the outskirts of town.


  • Less expensive brands are perfectly acceptable for casual riders, though an experienced biker who travels extensively with his motorcycle may want to consider a pricier style for its higher quality and better construction.



  • You roam the game world of Santa Destroy on your motorcycle or by walking, looking for your next job or your next hit.


  • In addition to introducing new motorcycle models frequently, it designs innovative engines and other safety equipment, operates numerous facilities and retail stores around the world and sells its own line of merchandise.



  • While the cost of these policies vary depending on several factors--including driving history, deductible amount selected, and other factors--most motorcycle riders want to get the best coverage available for the lowest price.



  • Many people attempt to bundle their insurance policies together to get a hefty discount, so for people who have an existing relationship with AAA, it makes sense to find out what motorcycle insurance options are available.



  • He just sat back, this six foot three man with his hatchet face who served as fighter pilot in the war and a motorcycle cop before he became a writer, and reached into his desk and handed me back my shredded resignation letter.



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