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How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week As an... | Science4Us (1)

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, 2024, but administrators know it’s important to celebrate teachers every week. Teachers are dependable, knowledgeable, and consistent day in and day out. Their quest for sharing a love of learning knows no limits. Teacher appreciation isn’t about receiving a thoughtful gift, though. It’s about recognizing teachers for their extraordinary work.

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week dates back to 1953. While some states recognized teachers with different kinds of annual celebrations earlier, that’s when First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress for a special day to recognize teachers. It still took another 27 years to become an official national day, celebrated in March until 1984, when it moved to May. The National Parent Teacher Association made it a weeklong celebration.

Why is Teacher Appreciation Week celebrated?

Nothing can truly prepare someone for being a teacher. Teaching is a job that doesn’t have one set of skills. There’sresearch, instruction, behavior management, communication, and evaluation all happening at the same time! Teachers understand that part of the salary will go back into the classrooms for supplies, decorations, books, or food for hungry kids. They have front-row seats to magical and terrible things. To say that it’s different every day is an understatement. Those working with students know it’s more than curriculum and questioning strategies. Teachers are in it because they have a heart for education and want to do what’s best for kids. And that’s something to be celebrated.

Easy ways administrators can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Recognizing teachers makes a difference in the professional lives of educators.What do you gift for Teacher Appreciation Week? Read on for gift ideas to celebrate teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

From admins to teachers: Easy Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas

There may not be a lot of cash in the budget to buy things for teachers, but that doesn’t have to limit your Teacher Appreciation Week gifts. Classroom supplies, like pencils or boxes of tissues, are always useful and welcome. For Teacher Appreciation Week ideas, though, get a little more personal with gifts for the teacher, not the classroom.

Start with your school community. Some parents may own businesses or provide services who would love to partner with you to honor teachers with gift ideas. There could be restaurants or stores with special offers for teachers. Compile a list or gather coupons and links for teachers to use easily.

How to make Teacher Appreciation Week special

Teachers don’t ask for much, and they appreciate everything! Here’s a list of some thoughtful (and even free!) ways to show appreciation to those who give so much.

  • Stop by the classroom and allow the teacher to grab some coffee, take a walk down the hall, or have a much-needed bathroom break. Remind them not to hurry back!
  • Give the gift of time. Nothing makes a teacher happier than having extra time in the classroom to take care of business. If a meeting can end early (better yet–be an email instead!), give that time back to teachers.
  • Ask students to participate in a video that shines a spotlight on the teachers in your building. They can share special memories and ways teachers have helped them. Share the video in a schoolwide assembly.
  • Take a lunch, recess, or other duty for a day or two. Those extra minutes are more valuable than you may realize.
  • Offer to help with a chore–whether it’s putting up a bulletin board, labeling books, or moving desks for a new seating chart.
  • Food is always a good idea! Cater lunch. Provide breakfast and coffee. Stock the teacher’s lounge with snacks.
  • Ask families to write thank you letters to their child’s teacher. Provide paper for students to take home for this activity with specific ideas to include in the notes.
  • Find out what’s on your teachers' wish lists. Can you figure out ways to make some of them happen?
  • Decorate the school with Teacher Appreciation Week messages. Students can make posters or add artwork and words of encouragement using sidewalk chalk outside.
  • Put surprises in mailboxes. Gift cards, coupons, treats, or even a handwritten note of appreciation are a few possibilities.

Make this Teacher Appreciation Week a memorable one for your teachers

Teaching is a challenging profession. Teachers want to make a difference as they grow and learn right alongside the students. Don’t stop with just one week. Keep the appreciation going, and show gratitude daily for everything teachers do!

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How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week As an... | Science4Us (2024)


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