TNC Car Insurance – The Complete Guide | (2024)

Looking to fund your next drift build by driving for a living? Then our TNC insurance guide is written just for you.

TNC Car Insurance – The Complete Guide | (1)
No matter how careful a driver you are, accidents happen. In 2019, 38,800 Americans died in car accidents. Young adults aged 21 to 24 had the highest fatality rate per 100,000 population.

Car insurance is nice to have in case of accidents. Take some time to check if you have the best insurance coverage for your car. Every state requires drivers to acquire at least a minimum amount of insurance coverage in case of a mishap while on the road.

Young drivers pay more for insurance because they lack driving experience.

If you are one of these young adults driving for a transportation network company (TNC) like Uber or Lyft, your standard personal car insurance might not cover expenses for a mishap while you are on the road.

Without a ridesharing insurance, you have to shoulder the expenses for a car accident during your tour of duty, like vehicle repairs and the hospital bills of an injured passenger.

About TNC’s Commercial Insurance

While on the job, Uber and Lyft are liable only for the live coverage of the commercial policy. There are four stages in the commercial coverage, each offering a different liability in every stage of the ride.

1 Your personal auto insurance Your personal auto insurance
2 Liability
Body injury/Property/Total
Body injury/Property/Total
3 and 4 Liability
$1 million
Collision and Comprehensive
$1k deductible
$1 million
Collision and Comprehensive
$2.5k deductible

Stage 1

The driver just finished a trip app prior to securing a new ride request. In case of an accident, your personal auto insurance might not be enough to cover the damage to your vehicle and the injury to your riders. The major TNCs will not cover any expenses from the accident.

Stage 2

The app is on and the driver is waiting for a ride assignment. Lyft and Uber insurance covers bodily injury for $50,000 per person, property damage of $25,000 per accident. and up to $100,000 personal injury per accident.

Stage 3

The driver accepts a rider’s request and is on the way to pick up the passenger. The major TNCs have commercial liability coverage up to $1 million per incident.

Stage 4

Lyft and Uber insurance will cover up to $1 million damages and injuries expenses if the passenger is in the vehicle and the vehicle met with an accident.

If something untoward happens while you are waiting for a passenger request, you are less covered than during a trip. To ensure that you are adequately protected, consider an additional rideshare insurance coverage from another company.

Types of Rideshare Insurance

Insurance companies have designed insurance policies specifically for rideshare drivers.

Additional Protection

Insurance providers offer a gap coverage for added protection that is not offered by the commercial insurance of TNCs.

Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

Rideshare drivers can extend their personal insurance coverage into particular phases of the ride. This coverage is included in the personal insurance policy of the driver with the same insurance company.

Hybrid Insurance Package

This will replace the personal auto insurance with a rideshare insurance plan

The Top Rideshare Insurance Companies

The offers of rideshare insurance by insurance carriers vary. Some rideshare policies are similar to your personal auto insurance plan; others offer this as an add-on to your existing personal auto insurance policy; while some providers present this as a TNC extension to your present personal auto insurance.

Here is a list of the best rideshare insurance companies.


Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

This insurance cost $6 per month added to your current personal auto insurance plan with USAA. The coverage starts the moment you are logged on to the ridesharing app and waiting for a rider’s request. USAA is available only to current military service members, veterans, and their families.

American Family

Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

The cost depends on where you live and your car insurance policy premium with American Family. The coverage is only for the available stage of the ridesharing trip, the commercial insurance plan of TNCs covers the rest of the ride.


Coverage Type: Hybrid Insurance Package

The cost of $25 per month is added to the personal auto insurance premium. The coverage includes all stages of the trip. It covers the name of the driver on the policy, persons in your home, passengers, and property damage if you have collision and comprehensive insurance and the vehicle is yours.


Coverage Type: Additional Protection or Hybrid Commercial Insurance Package

An additional monthly premium between $10 to $20 is added to the personal auto insurance with Allstate. In 2020, Allstate collaborated with Uber to grant commercial insurance to drivers and passengers in Alaska, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

Erie has extended its personal insurance coverage to include rideshare services offering Lyft and Uber insurance to drivers. The insurance policy covers an additional $9 to $15 per month to the existing auto insurance premium with Erie. All stages of the ridesharing trip are covered by the insurance policy.


Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

Around $10 per month is added to your existing auto personal insurance with Safeco. Only the vehicle under the contact is covered and it does not replace your personal auto insurance policy. The coverage is only for the available stage of the trip.

State Farm

Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension

The estimated cost is 15 to 20 percent of your existing premium with State Farm. The liability covers only the available stage and does not include the en route or on trip stages. Check with Lyft or Uber insurance plan if limits during the non-inclusion stages can cover liabilities with passengers in case of an accident. If it does not, adjust your coverages and limits for personal auto policy.


Coverage Type: Personal Insurance Coverage Extension or Hybrid Commercial Insurance Package

Farmers partnered with Uber in 2020 for a full rideshare insurance policy joining all personal and business coverage into a single plan to drivers in Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.


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As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of the topic, I can attest to the critical importance of insurance for rideshare drivers, particularly those working with transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft. The information provided in the article aligns with my expertise, and I'll break down the key concepts discussed.

  1. Overview of Car Insurance Necessity:

    • The article begins by emphasizing the significance of having car insurance, especially for young adults who face higher premiums due to their limited driving experience.
  2. Insurance Requirements for TNC Drivers:

    • It highlights that standard personal car insurance may not cover expenses incurred during a mishap while driving for a TNC. Each state requires drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage.
  3. Stages of TNC Commercial Coverage:

    • The article outlines the four stages of commercial coverage for TNC drivers, specifying the liability coverage at each stage for both Uber and Lyft.
  4. Rideshare Insurance Options:

    • It introduces different types of rideshare insurance options for drivers:
      • Additional Protection: Offers gap coverage not provided by TNC commercial insurance.
      • Personal Insurance Coverage Extension: Extends personal insurance into specific phases of the ride.
      • Hybrid Insurance Package: Replaces personal auto insurance with a rideshare insurance plan.
  5. Top Rideshare Insurance Companies:

    • The article lists several insurance providers catering to rideshare drivers and details their coverage types and costs. These include USAA, American Family, GEICO, Allstate, Erie, Safeco, State Farm, and Farmers.
  6. Details on Specific Insurance Providers:

    • Each listed insurance provider is described in terms of coverage type, cost, and specific details related to their offerings for rideshare drivers.
  7. Author's Bio:

    • The article concludes with the author's bio, introducing Mike as a marketing assistant for, highlighting his expertise, experience, and commitment to sharing knowledge in the field.

In summary, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for rideshare drivers, detailing the insurance landscape, TNC commercial coverage, available rideshare insurance options, and reputable insurance providers. The information is presented in a clear and organized manner, demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject matter.

TNC Car Insurance – The Complete Guide | (2024)


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